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File Format Support

Oversize Image Solutions can read and write most types of TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, DCX, PNG, BMP and raw bitmap files. Support for selected Adobe PDF format features is also offered. Native support for other file formats may be available on request.

We can also integrate software packages provided by other vendors to offer exceptional format support.

No image file can be infinitely large. Each file format has maximum page dimensions and file sizes.

Who Created That Image?

Some software products disguise standard file formats by using their own filename extension or by embedding the image data within their proprietary file format. Often usable information can be extracted from these files.

Unfortunately most image files do not contain any author information identifying the software that created the file so it is not possible to list all the products we support.

Products We Have Worked With

We have processed images created by the following products:
  • HORIZONTAL.LOG and MUD.LOG by WellSight Systems Inc. (www.wellsight.com)
    • Joined multiple page TIFF Images containing graphical plots into a continuous one page image.
    • We can probably support plots from their other products STRIP.LOG and LOG.ANALYSIS but this has not been verified.

This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any of these products.

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January 02. 2014