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Oversize Image Solutions provides software and conversion services for processing very large images.

    oversize also oversized
        adjective: very large; larger than usual; more than standard size.

        synonyms: very large; huge; monstrous; bulky; monster; jumbo;
            colossal; giant; gigantic.

Oversized images are found in many industries and all share the common trait of being difficult to deal with. They may have very large width or height, very large file sizes, or very high resolution. These files are challenging to view and print, and often do not load into standard software products.

We have experience processing both black and white and color lithologic images in various industry standard image file formats. These files were generated by various well log and borehole plotting software packages using drilling data.

Sample well log image section
oversized well log file

Lessons learned in the drilling industry can be applied to many other industries as well. We can handle a number of standard image formats and will investigate support for other file formats on request.

We do not offer any "off the shelf" packages because each customer's needs are unique. Oversize Image Solutions works with you to create a conversion solution that matches your requirements and budget. All projects are designed to have the lowest technical risk possible so they can be delivered on time and problem free. All work is quoted on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises.

We want to work with you! Please contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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