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Software Solutions

Oversize Image Solutions provides Windows based oversize image file processing solutions.

Our software runs under all Windows 32 bit operating systems (Windows 95 and newer). Your solution will be designed to match the requirements of your business process. The software can run as a:

  • GUI interactive application.
  • An automated application performing conversions using unattended batch processing.
  • Command line driven console application.
  • DLL for use by your custom application.

Image Processing Features

We have provided software solutions with the following features:
  • Merge multi-page TIFF into one long single page tiff (black & white and color).
  • Merge multiple one page raw bitmap files into one long single page TIFF file.
  • Reduce the resolution of a very large image for transmission via cell phone from a remote job site.
We can also provide features such as:
  • Split a large image into tiles.
  • Merge tiled images into one large image.
  • Remove overlap information in tiled images.
  • Add a text annotation to an image.
  • Conversion between various file formats.

Oversize Image Solutions can also integrate software packages provided by other vendors into an automated conversion or image processing solution.

If you need a feature not listed here please request it. We are always expanding our expertise.

Computer System Requirements

Large images contain a tremendous amount of raw data. Our solutions never attempt to load the entire image into memory at once. As a result, a standard Windows machine can process most images.

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January 02. 2014